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AMEREN SERVICES COMPANY Senior Accounting Clerk in Saint Louis, Missouri

DUTIES:Under direct but not constant supervision, to perform a high grade of clerical work in any of the departments in the Accounting - General organization unit. This work requires the use of limited judgment, the exercise of attention to detail, and the ability to meet exacting time schedules. In this connection, to perform details of work such as:When assigned to the General Accounting Department:Assemble for the Principal Invoice Clerk such information as purchase orders, vouchers, etc., necessary to answer inquiries of suppliers; follow up suppliers for delayed invoices and Company storekeepers for delayed receiving reports; investigate non-routine items and discuss discrepancies with suppliers and with stores, Supply Service and other departments; maintain non-purchase order invoice record; maintain a record and control of cash vouchers; maintain a record and control of cash vouchers; and perform related Accounts Payable work as assigned.Assist Stores Analyst by verification of Stores prices, investigation of negative balances and assist in all phases of investigation and reconciliation of inventory outages; obtain unrecorded items on delayed requisitions and invoices in order to adjust book records; balance, inspect and distribute various stores reports; and perform related Stores Accounting work as assigned.Maintain controls and prepare reconciling monthly statements of amounts deducted from system companies' payrolls for insurance contributions, dues, etc.; maintain control of total earnings, old age and survivors insurance deductions, income tax withheld, etc., and balance with respective clearing and liability accounts; balance quarterly social security reports and taxable wages paid with accumulated controls and prepare related reports; and perform related Payroll work as assigned.Prepare reconciliation of bank account balances as reported by depositories, with Company accounts; prepare bills for coal sales, barge landing and towing charges, and maintain coal sales accounts receivable ledgers; maintain retirement plan records, calculate employe refunds, compute annuities; and perform other similar clerical work in any section of the department, as assigned.When assigned to the Property Accounting Department:Tabulate details of charges to various plant accounts for use by others in the development of unit costs; tabulate and summarize reports of equipment removed from service; prepare detailed listir4 of charges to various plant accounts by work orders; prepare statements of additions and retirements to plant accounts from IBM machine reports; and perform other clerical work as assigned.When assigned to the Tax Department:Summarize data and otherwise assist in the preparation of working papers and returns for miscellaneous Federal, State and municipal taxes; maintain file of accounts exempt from Federal electrical energy tax; file tax services; and perform other clerical work as assigned.When assigned to the Budget and Cost Department:Summarize data and otherwise assist in the preparation of construction budgets and other budgets, reports and forecasts; post, add and prove construction and retirement ledgers and assist otherwise in the preparation of budget status and work order status reports; and perform other clerical work in the preparation of budgets, forecasts, status reports and other reports, as assigned.When assigned to other departments of the Accounting - General organization unit:Perform various routine or special clerical operations as assigned.SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES:Utilize appropriate software and systems in the performance of job duties, such as, but not limited to word processing, graphics, spreadsheets or other corporate software and web-based programs.Utilization of office equipment in the performance of job duties.Hold as confidential information obtained in connection with duties relating to Company business or personnel.Ability to work in team environment.Ability to adapt to changes in syst