H2M Group Planning, Policy, and Business Analysis (Strategic Planner) in Saint Louis, Missouri

Advise and assist with AOS strategic planning, policy and business analysis, with a focus on providing expert strategic- and operational-level assistance with the MESA LOB mandate to synchronizeGEOINT analytic activities and resources across AOS and partners.

  • Support AOS Line of Business executive management, process, leadership, and reporting

  • Support MESA LOB requirements and executive management, process, leadership, and reporting.

  • Provide business management/strategy support

  • Support Mission Management strategy, development, and execution

  • Develop strategy documentation, guidance to support AOS management processes

  • Facilitate cross Office engagements and requirements planning needs

  • Identify and provide support to business processes and improvements

  • Provide business analytics, metrics, or other analysis to measure success

Duties include:

  • Advise the Government in establishing mission goals and objectives.

  • Lead development of strategic planning, business analytics, and operational or performance assessments to help AOS improve our mission and management.

  • Facilitate/moderate daily/weekly/monthly small to large Senior-level groups for MESA LOB activities across the NSG and ASG.

  • Advise AOS process/management improvement recommendations and facilitate quality improvement efforts.

  • Translate strategic directives or policy into operational specifications.

  • Provide assessment and recommendations of new AOS policy or management changes.

  • Ability to work independently and under pressure.

  • Problem Identification, Analysis, and Resolution.

  • Effective communication both orally and written.

Job Requirements:

  • Possess a Graduate Degree or higher in business or management and/or at least 15 years’ experience providing business management/strategy support

  • Demonstrated experience with business analytics and metrics reporting to include program management concepts, processes, and execution.

  • Demonstrated experience facilitating multi-Office, Directorate-wide, Cross-Organization engagements.

  • Demonstrated experience of intelligence product lines, production system/process, and data sets to include regional operational intelligence priorities, national strategic intelligence priorities, and related decision-making process.

Requisition ID: 632